PMS adapter Illustrator scripts CS4 and up (bugfix)
PMS adapter
Illustrator script
Does your printer not print pantone colors correctly? Then you need this script to create your own pantone color library, you can mesh up this library as much as you want! You can adapt the pantone colors to your printer to have a better match and save them into the library.

Create colortraps and color sheets to print on your printer.
Usefull helptips are integrated in the script.
Updated the script to CS6-CC, fixed the pantone solid color sheet
I have tested in illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC for Mac, windows will not work yet.

Download this script trough my Linked-in profile, just link with me.>

or download at  (new link)

Copy the script and the idatabase folder in your illustrator presets script folder to use.

Mac previews:<span "main-texbr="">
New Cs6 and CC style menu