Autumn Godwin-Hoffmeier Works: Full Portfolio
Years of artistic expression and intellectual rumination
Within the exemplar you’ll find a few pages that highlight work I did while in the MArch Sustainable Studies course at the University of Sheffield. These show some of the simulation programs which I feel can be an asset in the design process, as well as integrating alternative materials and technology.

Previous to receiving my MArch, Masdar Headquarters was the most impactful project to date that I’ve been a part of. Designing to the degree at which required me to also investigate materials and manufacturing processes was invigorating. Park Gate, along with the Verde Office and Residential Towers were also engaging and challenging sustainable projects I focused on while at Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architects.

My time at RTKL was focused on the following two projects. First, Central Du Page Hospital, while being a LEED Silver construction, was designed with a high-end hospitality ambiance. The most vivacious project I had the pleasure of being an integral part in was the East Bank Flats’ Cinema. Envisioning unique options for this one-off specialty design was quite enjoyable. Living Designs Group continually focuses on bringing alternative power sources and grey water systems to commercial buildings. The Lofts 900 project was one, which helped hone my interest within the sustainability sector.