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    Hand illustrated packaging design for women's lifestyle brand launching a new range of blissful and indulgent chocolate.

Founded in 2003, Hush started out as a women’s clothing brand, as much about feeling good as looking good. Initially a small range of pyjama sets for those cosy nights in; they quickly expanded into relaxed, stylish outerwear and everyday wardrobe staples. The brand mantra, ‘Escape the noise’ celebrates that ethos of cosiness, happiness and wellbeing, continuing to inspire their ever-expanding collection of clothing, homeware and accessories.


In launching their first chocolate collection featuring four flavours inspired from around the world, I was commissioned to design the packaging for their new product. I researched and developed a narrative to express the story of each bar whilst staying true of the Hush brand promise to ‘Escape the noise’. I wanted each experience to be a moment of blissful tranquility, to indulge and imagine a life free from the stresses of every day.

Each flavour is distinct and yet subtle in combination; from Milk Orange & Cardamom to Dark Raspberry to Milk Rose. Each carried its own personality, inspired by natures fruits and spices from climates around the globe. By developing a deeper narrative to each one, I was able to shape a specific personality to each bar. From the aromatic air and ripe, spicy lands of South Asia; to the lush and vivid expanses of fruitful wonder that lie in the valleys nestled in the Northern mountains. Each story inspired my intricate hand-illustrated wrappers, delicately protecting the wonders that lie within.


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