"1887 - a Journey in Time" project
CGI & Postproduction:  The Imagination House / Luminous Creative Imaging
Concept design and sketching: Luminous Creative Imaging
Client: Royal Caribbean Productions

The Imagination House in conjunction with Luminous Creative Imaging created this challenging poster for Royal Caribbean Productions. They had a 1887 steampunk styled ice show planned and needed a cool visual for their promotional poster.

Together with The Imagination House we designed and sketched out the visual and all the elements in it. After this came modeling and texturing everything in 3D. Once all the elements were put together the scene was lit, rendered and was ready for post.

The skater couple was illustrated from scratch based reference illustrations of people in the 1800's and then upgraded and shaded with photographic material and illustration.

In post many elements were added (like a sky, smoke, etc) to finish the piece. 

A great project to have worked on and we are very happy with the resulting visual!
The main sketch
After a brief was provided, the first thing we had to do was design the poster itself. Once this process was finished and the main sketch approved we went on to design the different elements.
The skater couple
The couple was created first as an illustration and then enhancing the illustration with photographic material and shading. Finally they were integrated into the background.
GIF animation showing the built-up of the skater couple
Designing the elements
At the beginning of the design process, every single element in the scene was sketched out and illustrated for approval. These served to flush out the designs that were needed for the 3D modeling process.
Creating the 3D models

Once the design process was done, all 3D models were created, which were then textured and shaded before positioning them in the main scene.
3D-screenshot zeppelin
3D-screenshot propellor plane
3D-screenshot baloons
3D-screenshot balloons
3D-screenshot main text
3D-screenshot main scene
The scene being lighted in HDR Light Studio
Usage of the visual on the Royal Caribbean's website
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"1887 - a Journey in Time" project