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    Thesis project for my Master of Fine Arts Degree from Savannah College of Art and Design.
When I was about 8, my mom took my younger brother and I to a lecture about the Negro League at Winston-Salem State University that featured a panel of players and historians. They shared their experience and even stayed after to autograph a poster for me. I still have the poster almost 20 years later. I loved the design and appreciated the history it represented. I have always been interested in history and design. As I got older I really started to appreciated and enjoy sports – especially in college. My visual thesis combines those 3 elements to examine the use of nostalgia and sports branding​ from a historical and visual perspective.  The focus of the visual thesis is the 100th Anniversary of the first Colored World Series held in 1924. The 1924 Colored World Series was the first official championship series between two recognized Negro League championship teams.

For my visual thesis, I planned a commemorative campaign that celebrates the 1924 Colored World Series. The campaign is set in 2024, commemorating the 100th anniversary. The visual will serve as a proposal that can be presented to potential sponsors and exhibit hosts. It will celebrate the history of the event as well as highlight other significant moments and figures of the Negro League. The campaign consists of 3 main parts ("The Triple"):
Mobile Exhibit “Heritage on the Move” 
The mobile exhibit will be in the form of a traveling tour housed in a restored bus. The bus is a reference to the mode of travel for the teams. It also represents a connection to the past. The interior of the bus will hold interactive exhibit stations and displays as well as a pop up shop. The bus will make stops in cities across the US.
Virtual Experience
For those who cannot experience the exhibit in person, a mobile-based virtual and augmented reality app will be available. Using the content from the mobile exhibit, the app will work to create a rich experience and offer access to the exhibits. The app will also host a bus tour tracker, schedule, shop and other interactive features.
Brand activation
The goal of part 3 is to encourages positive participation - physically or virtually.
This is in reference to the sports heritage category “goods  and services” discussed in the written thesis. Part 3 will include merchandise, advertising and cross promotions with the selected sponsors. 
The Process
Assembling the promo kits that went out to my thesis committee and people who helped me on all the research. I even got my grandmother to help me sew and put packages together.