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    Web design for Benjamin Zephaniah
Benjamin Zephaniah website design
I was lucky enough to be asked to design Benjamin Zephaniah’s new website. Benjamin is a poet, writer, political activist and all round amazing person.

The site has now gone live and can be found here www.benjaminzephaniah.com. All of the development work was done by Jonathan Frascella of Gattonero and a fine job he did too!

The colours I used for the site were really important, I wanted to get across Benjamin’s personality through them so I chose red, white and a very dark grey/black.

The red is to get across his lively and vibrant character, the white is to represent the inner peace and harmony Benjamin gives out when you spend time with him and the black is to represent the more edgy site of his personality.

The red, yellow and green social networking tabs at the top are a nod to Benjamin’s rasta roots which is something he was really keen to include.
Benjamin loves the logo that he and a friend designed over a decade ago but it needed a lift so I redrew it using white lines on a flat background, anything more would have been too fussy. This then nicely led me to a style to use for the navigation icons I had planned.