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    Imminent Geometry
 London, C4d, PS, Behance
Imminent Geometry is a mixture of science,shape, texture and photography. In response to a modern fascination with world destruction, science fiction, and looming apocalypse, ‘Imminent Geometry’attempts to push the boundaries of our visual reality.

Advances in digital technology have meantthat we are no longer required to use our imaginations as we have in the past. Instead we are frequently presented with realistic interpretations of sci-fisurrealism through cinema, television and the Internet. The boundaries between the true and theuntrue, the believable and the unbelievable are blurred, and the idea that “seeing is believing” has taken on a new form where modern storytelling isconcerned. 

Set in otherwise insignificant areas of London amongst little-known, everyday buildings and scenery, this series of images uses the presence of foreign objects to warp our perceptions of the realand the false. Seemingly mundane photographic landscapesare transformed into 3D worlds where realism and surrealism collide.

 Is seeing believing?