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    STREET BALLERINA Photography | Concept | Make up: Khatleen Minerve Model: Meeyin Qiu
Street Ballerina
"Dance is the most perishable of the arts. Ballets are forgotten, ballerinas retire, choreographers die - and what remains of that glorious production which so excited us a decade ago, a year ago, or even last night?"

"Dance is music made visible"
Lately, I have been working with three other photographers on a project we named "En Mode". It is a group of young photographers coming together as one, reunited to show what they can do under the banner of solidarity and creativity. Sunday 4th March, we had our first real shoot together, all four of us. We shot in my country's capital, Port-Louis. It was such a delight to shoot with Meeyin Qiu, the ballerina who graced our pictures and I am so happy of the results and even if the rain came and went, we enjoyed our day fully.

Model: Meeyin Qiu
Photography | Concept | Make up: Khatleen Minerve