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    Developing website for a new cottage community located close to the city in the forest zone.
| Website for a new cottage community Chapaevka
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| Task
To develop a website for a new suburban community situated near Samara. Provide visitors with the data on the project of the community which will have its own well-developed infrastructure.

| Concept
To render the most detailed information on the community and enable website visitors to have a virtual tour around it.

| Realization
To show the terrain from different angles it was surveyed and the results were displayed on the website. The website has a unique structure, each section containing clear information in the form of interactive maps showing the community's infrastructure, sizes of the community's separate sectors as well as their detailed description and prices.

| Team
Concept Alexander Korobov
Design Denis Klyuchnikov
HTML/CSS Denis Savin
Flash Vladimir Pogrebnyakov, Nikita Churilov
Programming Anton ArapovProject Managment Andrey Zarutskiy

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