The Odyssey contains a lot of beautiful, fantastical story. For me when I think of Odyssey it always reminds my of Odysseus’ anguish in being away from Penelope (his wife), Telemachus (his son) and Ithaca. Through his journey, filled with many characters, including those who sailed with him, but his pain over the unknowable distance home created a loneliness and missing his beloved family and home.

The book is meant to be a modern interpretation of the novel. The design is meant to be simple and clean. My concept intention is to create a cover with a similar style as a brand identity. Where its simple and people will catch the idea of the story from the design.
For Odyssey I use “O” as the main shape. The background I uses is a heart illustration and a hidden shape of a heart which emphasis the love and patient from Odysseus to go home. To create a series of a book cover, the consistent was made by using the “I” as Iliads initials. The spear as a hidden shape to represent the weapons they uses in the war and the background illustration is a skull, this symbolise the feeling of scarification of the death of people who passed away in a war.
Deboss, foil stamp and the flaps (use as book mark ) are used to construct the book. This small details is use to emphasize the modern interpretation that has been applied to the book.