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    visual identifitcation of local bubble tea shops.
Bubble Tea 7
visual identification, http://bubbletea7.pl
Bubble Tea 7 is one of the first gastronomy business with bubble tea drinks in Warsaw, PL. Also this was my first project design commission. 
I'm responsible for the company visual branding and partly marketing – from logo designing, webdesigning and administrating the website, front-shop visualizations, up to every single image for every kind of print/online advertising.
Elements of my graphic work:
- webdesign + hosting and administration
- stationary design (business cards, letterheads)
- print media (leaflets, cards, invitations, posters, menu, advertising roll-ups, stickers, canvas bags)
- web graphics and illustrations (online and print marketing, products: tote bags etc)
First Bubble Tea 7 local shop located at Chmielna 4 street. On the top are the lightning panels.
Partly hidden logos behind the big banner were placed temporarly and they are yet to be peeled off.
Second local shop at Marszałkowska 83, Warsaw, PL. The letters are the neon type.
(main webdeveloper: Paweł Wolak)
This will be the next version of the website.

Here are just couples of samples of the graphics, I'll probably be updating this page with some more web/print medias and illustration later on.
For now, you may have a look at Bubble Tea 7's fanpage or just head to one of the local shops in Warsaw (Marszałkowska 83 or Chmielna 4).
loyalty card stamp and promotional coupons.
How-To poster on drinking bubble tea. Hanging as posters in each shop. 
Occasional posters on new flavours or for promotions