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    Flash Development, Technical Concept
Havana Club
Video Mixer
HavanaClub Rum: a cult favorite whose authenticity was coming under attack. Mission: digitally demonstrate the idea "Nothing compares to Havana" - sans major new production. Never seen Havana? Right, so the VideoMixer brings it to you. Drawing film content from unvisited back pages of HavanaClub websites, adding custom music, and shaking it up with personal content drawn from your Facebook profile, VideoMixer pours out a unique, entertaining and instantly shareable video cocktail putting you smack-dab in Havana’s streets. Ok, so mashups aren’t new - but blending "ours and yours" content boosted visits 15x, and won 80% more "likes" 80% than planned.
Golden Award of Montreux 2011
FinalistsInternational Food & Beverage Awards London
client: Havana Club
agency: argonauten G2