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    Flash Development, Technical Concept
Volkswagen 2028
Volkswagen2028.com presents various specialist areas from within Volkswagen's research core plus a number of innovative vehicle concepts. But rather than loading up on futuristic scenarios, this infotainment mix of 3D effects, animations, flash-based navigation and research studies has at its heart a classic film sequence depicting an everyday conversation between father and son. Setting this chat in an ordinary city park conveys Volkswagen's visionary ideas more accessibly, allowing the viewer to easily identify with the scenery, the protagonists and, not least, the vision of "Volkswagen 2028" – namely, how Volkswagen is helping to shape the mobile future responsibly and with environmental awareness.

Annual Multimedia 2009
2 x Silver, DDP 2009
Silver World Medal, New York festivals 2009
3 x Finalist, New York festivals 2009
OttoCar 2009 Silver, Corporate Websites 2009
Site of the Day ( 08. August), TheFWA 2008
Golden Award of Montreux 2009
client: Audi AG
agency: argonauten G2