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    An alternative guidebook for people who want to experience their surroundings differently. It is a tour guide to wherever you are.
The Universal Guide     
Make everywhere your tourist destination
This video presents the Universal Guide, a tourist guide without a specific destination. What makes traveling somewhere new special is not so much the destination, but the way one approaches their experience of it. This guide proposes that one can be anywhere and find inspiration and unexpected experiences there.

Many people are disappointed in traditional tours, because an area is changed by its designation as a "site of interest". They wish to experience the real side of a city or area. What makes a destination real? Every square inch of it is real and can become special, not by being in a guide book, but by being experienced in a way that one does not normally experience things.

This guide is full of activities, props and challenges that get the user to interact with their surroundings in ways they probably don't normally do. The video includes clips of people we approached who volunteered to check out the guide and try some of the activities in it.

This was a short group project (with Fanny Bissa, Jordi Morera, and Francisco Dans).

Collage featuring samples of visuals used in the guide.
  Some examples of activity pages:
PROCESS:  some idea generation sketches
Using a classic book, such as the Bible, as a guide. At particular tube stations one must read a specific passage from the book and interpret its message to know where to go and what to do.
Prototype for Arbitrary Map (included in final Guide):  adding a transparent sheet with a pattern on it, one can find an arbitrary destination by placing it over any map.