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    some of the assignments from Typography course at New Media Art faculty in PJWSTK 2010 - 2012
Typography 2010/12
projects done in a typography course at New Media Art faculty.
tutor: Ewa Satalecka
we were given a text excerpt by Krzysztof Lenk for which we had to design a some kind of a magazine in polish and english. That was the last assignment of the course's first year (June 2011). That was my first experience with Adobe Indesign.
we had to design a modular font, make a poster for it and some graphic as an usage example also an typographic animation as a presentation of the font. Everything was done in last minute so it's an incomplete project that requires further work and development. And I will for sure be developing the font in the nearest future.
we had to create a poster about given typographer. My inspiration for this poster was swedish design, where Hand Eduard Meier is from.
1st year first assignment. Couple of modular letters.