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    a series of illustrations created for court lodge organics January to December 2012
Court Lodge Calendar Sketch
Court Lodge Organics is an organic dairy farm on the Pevensey Levels in East Sussex, UK. I had an idea to visit the farm once a month for the year 2012 and create a work of art for each one, charting the seasons and mapping the farm in a pictoral time specific fashion. I invited friends to join and once a month all weather, we head off to the farm. This gallery is the work produced thus far. for more info, visit the blog http://courtlodgesketch.blogspot.com/
January 2012. A murmaration of starlings above a fence line of winter trees
February 2012. It's beautiful here and every where you look there are signs of creatures stirring, from narcissus and robins to foxes and rabbits... like to welcome spring
March 2012. No place like home.
April 2012. As the rain whipped down I was particularly struck by the loneliness of the farm buildings, grain silos and barns bleak and slick beneath the clouds but dry within.
This is the view of Court Lodge Organics from across the river. We went to a festival and in the morning found this view.
View from St. Mary Magdalene Church onto Court Lodge.
Being an Organic dairy Farm it is necessary to weed the fields by hand, this is Thiago docking, September 2012
October cows
Christmas Theme, a collaborative effort by Sylvain Frouin and myself