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Orient TV - opening titles
Orient TV
Broadcast Packages
Orient TV has been one of our best clients, with a good history of successful relation.
Again, they gave us the freedom to create two opening titles : Soria Al-Hura (Free syria) and Kulona Shoraka' (Partners Together).

This was a rear opportunity, to start from the title design, till delivering the complete package.

A very special thanks to
Malek Jandali
for his approval to use
“Freedom Qashoush Symphony”
Orient TV team :
Moutasem Salha & Fadi Jabbour
For giving me this opportunity.
Soria Al-Hura (Free Syria)
(Free Syria) opening title snap shots 
 (Free Syria) sub-titles 
 (Free Syria) promo snap shots  
(Partners Together) - canceled
 (Partners Together) concept design 
Orient TV - opening titles
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