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    Art Direction and Branding for Julisa Haines Photography
Project: Julisa Haines Photography
Client: Julisa Haines, Amber Haines
Year: 2015
Art Direction and Design:
Juan Coca
+1 785 259 8973
Julisa Haines Photography is a unique photography studio owned and operated by Julisa Haines out of Hays, Kansas. The studio specializes in capturing timeless, and memorable moments. The goal for branding her studio was to achieve a very personal, characterized, and lively identity that would reflect the look and feel of her work. 
In her own words:

"When you book a session with Julisa at Julisa Haines Photography, you will receive a dedicated, expert photographer that is looking to create a memory for you that you will never forget. It’s our privilege to capture who you are at this moment: your dreams, your passions, and your personal style. With our experience and your star quality, together, we will create images that you will cherish forever. Your professional portraits will remind you in years to come of who you were right now- the hope and excitement of this special time in your life, the unique style that defines you. You’re unforgettable, and with our help, this pivotal time in your life will be too."
Creating her brand pushed us to experiment with many forms of icons, shapes, and hand type, arriving at what we both felt would be the best representation of her studio. 

The lockup below is the end result. A semi-script, hand-drawn logotype that worked very well with the concept of being a unique studio.
"The emblem, or seal, was inspired by the idea of maintaining the original form and style of the main logotype. We wanted to achieve an at-a-glance response from the viewer, and keep the same level of uniformity throughout. "
Pictured below is a rollover label that can be applied to envelopes, discs, or other types of media that require proper and detailed labeling. The main appication would be completed photo packages, but can be used in much earlier media such as proofs. 
Art Direction and Design:
Juan Coca
+1 785 259 8973