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    Re-Branding of TSA into Flight Check



travel : official : security : guardian : peace of mind

I created Flight Check as a response to growing negative positioning of TSA. Travellers are growing estranged from the company, as they are valuing less the necessary security measures it provides, instead focusing on the inconvenience and invasion of privacy the measures take. Brand elements ranged from logo and identity system to web and interactive media.

This re-brand of TSA resulted in a comprehensive branding project designed around the customer facing side of their security. Key brand attributes include peace of mind, clarity, and guardianship. The brand came to life through light and bright imagery to create an approachable brand targeting a wide variety of travellers. Unique brand touch points were created to alter public opinion such as value proposition messaging, lollipops for children, sanitation stations, easy guides of the process, lines dedicated to specific traveller needs, and in-light animations displaying new brand messaging.