Mammalian Locomotion

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  • Mammalian Locomotion

  • Deep beneath the Earths crust Explorers have found the ruins of a little known and long dead civilization. Not much is known of this civilization, all we know is that they were wiped out by some cataclysmic disaster possibly of their own creation. This is the premise for Mammalian Locomotion, a sculptural exhibition by Tom Buckland exploring the relationship between the human race and technology. It features kinetic and non-kinetic sculpture all made from recycled materials.

    -Mammalian Locomo
    tion Press Release, October 2011
  • Mindreader (waking up low with a fever)
    Kinetic Sculpture - Hobby Motor, found objects, fabric, desk clock gearbox, curtain rings, beads, acrylic and enamel paints
  • Industrial Complex
    Kinetic Sculpture - Ride on scooter gearbox + motor, stool, chess pieces, wire, cardboard, paper-mache,recycled timber, found Objects, acrylic and enamel paints
  • Collapse (Mea Culpa)
    Recycled forklift pallets, tennis racket, found objects, old house paint
    Citizen of a dead civilization. Preserved.
  • Memory Capacitor
    Paper-Mache, found objects, baubles, milk bottle tops, computer cables, acrylic paint, shellac
  • Thinking Cap (tm)
    Found Objects, lightbulb, spray enamel, shelf wire, shampoo bottle, wheel, keyboard keys, acrylic and enamel paints
    Recipe for passive and happy consumer.
    Step 1: Remove unnecessary flesh brain.
    Step 2: Seal skull and affix patented Thinking Cap (tm) to skull with bolts provided, always refer to diagram, use only supplied parts.
    Step 3. Citizen is now a happy well adjusted member of society. For optimal consumption and obedience Thinking Cap (tm) is to be charged twice daily via dynamo located on side of device.
    No user serviceable parts inside.
  • Everything is Fine (final)
    Recycled timber frame, polystyrene packaging, old clothes, found objects, paper-mache, respirator, tea-strainers, computer cables, telephone cord, piano hammers, bottles, paper-mache, acrylic and enamel paints
  • (progress)
    Paper Mache, beads, string, pens, lids, matchsticks, cardboard, bottlecaps, sticks, model rocket, acrylic, enamel
  • Anticitizen
    Kinetic sculpture - Cardboard, found objects, toy mechanical walking doll, lightbulb
  • Channel Z (3.5 in every household by 1999)
    Kinetic Sculpture - Household Fan, found objects, beads, paper-mache, mirrors, plastic meat tray

  • The Bends
    Recycled timber frame, newspaper, found objects, polystyrene packaging, old clothes, found objects, sardine can, kitchen strainers, belts, cardboard, sushi-soy fish, paper-mache, acrylic and enamel paint

    The human race is rising too fast, the bends sets in..
  • Amnesia Machine Implant
    Wearable Kinetic Sculpture - Found Objects, Remote control car chasis, belt, lightbulb, acrylic enamel paints
  • Neighbourhood#3 (Power Out)
    Found objects, Paper-mache, LEDs, lightbulbs, reflectors, arcylic, enamel and shellac
    Series of 9
    Rouge nanomachines form complex coral-like colonies on the overhead powerlines of the neighbourhoods.