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    Destiny is more than just a game – it’s a phenomenon, with legions of dedicated fans and players all around the world. So when we took on the job… Read More
    Destiny is more than just a game – it’s a phenomenon, with legions of dedicated fans and players all around the world. So when we took on the job of rebuilding the Planet Destiny,’ the game’s popular online web portal, we knew we were going to have a tough act to follow. The site needed to serve as a true accompaniment to the game – a community base, a handbook, a player’s manual. We worked closely with the team at Planet Destiny in order to curate a wealth of information that users could benefit from. It features detailed information on the game, its characters and antagonists, as well as in-game hardware such as weaponry, items and collectibles. The website had a difficult job to do, in providing a worthy counterpart to the game’s razor-sharp visuals and creative world building. We decided to opt for a visual-heavy style as a result, featuring samples of in-game graphics, screenshots and tutorial videos throughout. In designing our navigation system we embraced the mythology of the game-world, adopting a tone and language that would best mimic the experience of players – with information pages on ‘Guardians,’ ‘Races,’ ‘Vendors’ and ‘Enemies,’ as well as comprehensive guides on in-game strategy. As our Destiny portal developed though, some of our work would find its way back into the game itself. We redesigned the in-game interface, providing the players with new, fresh-looking icons and a more immersive stat display. By using a similar design on the website, we were able to brand both products with a look and feel that unified the two and cemented the website as an authentic and loyal addition to the game experience. All in all, the Planet Destiny project was a real test of our ability to celebrate the style and texture of the game, while improving on the previous platform – creating a product that sat comfortably alongside an existing world, and one already rendered in lavish detail and design. Read Less
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