Below are some of the TV set visualisations I created for the very talented set designer and builder Rudi Thackray. The world of TV is very fast paced, so the turnaround on most of these, from a idea and sketch, to what you see below was often under 8 hours work. The scenes were all built using 3DS Max, textured using Photoshop, and rendered using Vray.
Above: Designs for the set of a daytime TV show which airs on Mondays, featuring news, current affairs and an upbeat look at the week ahead.
Above: A design for the set of the health lottery draw. It was based in quite a small studio space, so keeping true to the design idea, while still making it fit proved a challenge. Never the less the design worked well, and went on to be used as the basis for the final TV set. See the below footage of the final TV set in action:
Another really great project to be part of was the Jackpot Joy TV set. A advertisement for the online bingo company (featuring Barbara Windsor!). There was a little more experimentation and time spent producing these designs, but the final result made it worth it: