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    A design for an innovative ruler to help people with visual impairements
Product Tank - New Rule
An innovative design for a ruler to help people with visual impairements.  Reading millimetres if you have problems with your sight is difficult. Electronic Callipers turn any small unit of measurement into a number, but you can‘t use them to draw a straight line. So it seemed appropriate to try and create a combination of both a ruler and a calliper.
My solution is to have bigger numbered, higher contrast measurement bars, that a sliding pointer runs along, displaying the millimetre measurement as numbers on a wheel.  The second innovation is to have one ruler edge fold over on a live hinge. This turns it into a calliper so that accurate measurements can be taken quickly and easily. This was intended to make it easier for someone with poor sight to measure marks on paper as well as objects, but I have found whilst using it that it is much more efficient than a ruler as I have the option of converting it into a calliper, taking a measurement, then flicking it back into a ruler and drawing a line on paper with the pointer in the same position, allowing for a smoother, quicker work flow