Cowgirl boots for real cowgirl Ruby, 2016.  Stitch pattern inspired by koru (fern) designs in New Zealand.
Ruby trying her boots on for the first time
My third pair, made in 2011 while studying with a bootmaker in California. Mermaid mule ears from art by Erte. 
The same boots photographed after 5 years of wear
My 4th pair and the first pair I made entirely without supervision  Welted insoles and fully pegged (unsewn) soles, Made in 2012, photographed in 2013
My first pair of boots, made at DW Frommer II's School of Western Bootmaking 
My second pair of boots, made in 2010-2011, photographed after several years of wear. 
Asymmetrical vine-pattern boots, 2014, photographed before attaching side pulls
Building up a pair of lasts to fit someone's feet 
Cowboy Boots


Cowboy Boots

Some pull-on cowboy boots I've made