November 21 on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev national-patriotic protests started. People stood against heady power and law enforcement officials, corruption, social inequality, outrage of special units as well about support European direction for the country. Morning of November 30st started with an order to use force against peaceful protesters. They were beaten and cleared away. This morning started the countdown for the Great Revolution. Revolution of Dignity, Honor, Self-Abandonment.
It has changed millions of Ukrainians' destinies. Gave birth and hardened millions of hearts, taken hundreds of Hero's. But Heroes never die. They are in history and memory since it was them who Ukraine owes its freedom today.
"Povstanska Abetka" — cultural and charitable projects.
The project unites 23 Ukrainian artists who illustrated ABC. It recreated the events of winter 2013-2014, the eyes of contemporary artists who took direct part in the revolution. The purpose of the publication is to preserve the national memory in images of contemporaries of events.
Studio is co-author of the project. Was based on simple and clear thing the alphabet as a symbol of the beginning of a new era for the updated nation as with Dignity Revolution began a new era for Ukrainian origins which we will never forget how their own alphabet.
Video Ukrainian Revolt Alphabet
Director | Igor Stekolenko
Producer | Polina Moroz
Cinematographers | Denys Lushchyk, Volodymyr Shklyarevskyy
1st AD | Dmytro Khasanov
Postproduction | Denis Reva
Art department/ Style | Alena Gadjilova, Galina Venglovska
MU artist | Julia Melnik
Actors | Miriam Dragina, Nikita Kvasnikov, Taya Holiy, Olga Ivasiv, Mariia Borysiuk, Nikita Kozachinsky, Maryan, Anton Lushchyk, Alice, Yaroslav Ktitarenko