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    Client: Medstar Health Role: 3D, Animation, UI
Electronic Fetal Heartrate Monitor (EFM) Scenario
Pre-eclampsia is a condition primarily characterized by high blood pressure which can present itself in a pregnant patient during the final weeks of the third trimester. If left untreated, it can develop into eclampsia, the life-threatening occurrence of seizures during pregnancy.
The Electronic Fetal Heartrate Monitor Scenario is a first-person 3D module that trains nurses and physicians within OB/GYN to recognize the onset of pre-eclampsia by assessing the patient's condition, administering medication, and correctly utilizing and reading data from the fetal heart rate monitor.

The simulation was developed by a team of artists, programmers, and game designers on the Unity3D platform and can be deployed via a webpage container.
Screen capture of gameplay (Best viewed in fullscreen, with audio)
This simulator allows for a physician or nurse to monitor a pregnant patient over the course of 12-18 hours, while administering medicine, requesting a variety of tests, and keeping track of the fetal heartrate for unexpected changes.
This flowchart describes the breakdown of one round of visiting the patient.
An initial wireframe depicting how user interface menus will correspond with specific equipment in the scene.
An initial mock-up of the dialogue system between AI characters and the user, and an initial HUD (head-up display) treatment
An aerial pre-rendered view of the OB/GYN wing implemented in Unity3D for the player to move from nurse's station to triage wing and to a patient's room after being admitted.
initial visual treatment of the EFM heartrate strip
Final visual treatment of the EFM heartrate strip, with added functionality
Initial wireframe of the medication order chart
Finalized visual treatment for all UI elements