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    Client: MedStar Health Role: Animation, 3D
Defibrillator Device Trainer
A nurse runs into a hospital room after hearing shouting from family members that the patient has stopped responding. She has less than two minutes to check for a pulse, signal a code blue over the intercom to request support, begin chest compressions, and administer defibrillation to resuscitate the patient's heartbeat. After two minutes, the patient will begin losing blood supply to the brain, resulting in the onset of brain damage. The room begins to fill with healthcare providers. Flurries of questions are fielded across the room, and while the nurses take turns in performing chest compressions with vigor, the physicians call out medication orders to be administered.  By the time the protocol is followed, six minutes have passed. The patient is dead, but fortunately in this case, no humans have been harmed. The patient is a robotic medical mannequin, and the healthcare providers have just completed a mock code blue drill.
The central tool in this life-saving protocol is a portable defibrillator. A defibrillator is a machine that can administer shock and analyze heartrate when paddles and leads are placed on areas of the patient's chest.
The Defibrillator Device Trainer trains the user to become familiar with the device and its features in a virtual, web-based module. It teaches the user how to test and charge the defibrillator, and also how to position leads on the patient's chest correctly in order to administer shocks. The user can use this simulation as an introductory lesson or as a routine practice course.
A scene was modeled and populated with 3D elements, the patient, and the defibrillator
The defibrillator was modeled to scale with all buttons created as separate, moveable elements.