Paper Browser
It's a browser, only in paper

For more details about Paper Browser:

It was just as simple idea.  Idea grew and evolve in the process.  Now as we enter into its new phase we are proud to share to you our new baby.

If you have used paper browser before, this is all you need to get those designs running!

Paper Browser Designer's Notebook:
The Concept is simple.

A sheet of paper used for creating website wireframe. However, not the same kind of grid that you might have used before. I've taken into consideration the actual viewing resolution of your potential user.
Instead of looking at your site inside the browser, why not look at it on what the user sees.

There are many advantages: you can gauge the viewing perspective of your user. Thus, maximizing your possible design estate.
I've provided guides for design that uses a 960px, or design screen at 800px.

The whole paper is proportionally scaled at 1024x768 screen resolution.
Your design canvas is 1024 resolution minus the height of the browser toolbar and status bar.  The size has been properly measured to simulate the actual design estate you can work on.

Each grid is 32x32px in dimension. You can use this data to map out directly into Photoshop during production.

    Wireframing website
    Wireframing you next Web application
    Information architecture

You can download the Paper Browser at:
Paper Browser Notebook Set:

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Available in 2 colors (Black and Blue)

Paper Browser notebook contains:

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Paper Browser Template Set
Each notebook contains the following set that would enable you to design more.  Every notebook contains the 2 Quick Sketch and 2 Detailed Sketch templates

However, you can customize the notebook the way you want it to work.  You can Mix and Match templates to tailor fit on your working pattern.
Quick Sketch Template Sets
Detailed Sketch Templates
Perforated Templates:
All Templates are perforated to enable designer design screen flow easily.  It facilitate collaboration among team members.
Paper Browser

Paper Browser

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