Creating a Name, Logo and a TV campaign for Channel 4's new, over 60's channel   My Design Journey
Last 2 months ago,  i recieve a variety of live briefs from the D&AD Awards and it took me a day to choose the Channel 4 brief.
The brief told me that i had to come up with a name, logo and create a TV campaign to promote the over 60's channel.  I was also told that the original idea has to be fresh and innovative.
My first aim of the research was getting to know my target audience. I simply created a questionnaire telling what the brief was about and made three questions for the older people to answer. These questions were asking; what names could they think of which would be most suitable, what content they would like to see from this over 60's channel and to describe how they want their logo to look.
I've sent out 30 copies of the questionnaire and recieved 10 filled back in one week.  That's a third from my audience responses.
Down below; is my design timeline showing my brainstorms, sketch designs being developed, digital work, animation stills, final logos, logo animation and the full TV campaign promoting my final idea.
The difficulty when i had to build up the TV campaign, all i kept thinking about was my target audience and what my tutor said. What i wanted from this campaign, was to make it more of a cinematic and an inspirational experience. I wanted to create some form of narrative, to enable the audience to understand what is going on.  My intention of the idea i was making, had to be developed. There were planned scenes that i thought would have been good but it involved too much hassle to establish.  
As i was progressing, my tutor reminded me what sound should be used for the campaign.  he suggested that it should be calm and classical. The one thing he didn't know; was that i had high interests in orchestras for films, television and gaming.  So after seaching for free royalty music and found Jamendo, gave me a variety of albums to listen into. I spent an entire day listening to every track on the site, judging which fits with the campaign and i found something.
The one track not only it was orchestral, but it was purposefully composed for commercials in television, film and gaming.  It was called "Sunrise" and its artist's name was "Cameron Music". I looked at its official website; and the company was owned by Alistair Cameron.  As i was navigating the site for free music and looked at the "happy" tab, i was pleased that "Sunrise" was the right sound as it exactly matches of what i wanted and that it was bearable for the audience to hear.
Feel free to check out his website;
And also visit Jamendo for free royalty music;
By the time i finished making the TV campaign, it took me several hours to render tests to see why it was not playable on Windows Media Player. But it happens that all tests worked on VLC player and Quicktime Player.
In the end, i tried to upload the TV camapign on the D&AD website on Friday 9th March but i GAVE UP.  The video was still uploading at 24% when i only had 20 minutes left. The deadline was set at 5pm. 
This was the first time with such great potential, that i have given up on an opportunity like this. The only reason i had to, was because of Time. The effort i have made on this design journey, was extroadinary but with time, that was something i could not win over.
But nevertheless, i've done a very good job to answer the brief correctly and it was an excellent project to make.