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    A rebrand of Ez-Link, a public transport payment system.
​An ubiquituous brand in the public transport sector, Ez-Link
has grown to offer its contactless payment service beyond just
bus and train rides. This rebrand brings forward a fresh
new look with a cleaner visual identity.

The new logo is inspired by a graphical representation of the "beep"
sound, which happens when a person taps their card onto an Ez-Link
reader. Dropping the "link" from Ez-Link also serves a functional
purpose, as now "Ez" can be pegged onto their other services
and still sound snappy. An example is their Ez-Link Tourist Pass,
which is now simply Ez-Tourist.
A new typeface is also chosen.
New identity & card designs
The new card design allows you to choose from any colour
you like for a touch of personalisation. 
This cleaner look is also reflected on the new app.
Users can now conveniently access useful features like card
history and top-up in a visually delightful manner.