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    Almbum art for South African Kwiato band, Big Nuz.
Big Nuz
Composite shooting for a South African mega-band
"The name Big Nuz comes from Big because they are doing big things and NUZ is the license plate of one of the biggest townships in South Africa, Umlazi, situated in the south coast of Durban. Big Nuz consists of 3 guys Mandla Maphumulo aka Mampintsha, Mzi Tshomela aka Danger and Sbu Khomo aka R Mashesha." So it says on the website.

I had never heard of these guys when their record label 'Afrotainment' approached me to do the shoot. It turns out, that they are pretty much the biggest band in South Africa, I just fall in a different demographic so I wouldn't have heard them. It's pretty cool getting to know your country through the eyes of others.

The image they were after was going to be pretty tough to acheive as one single shot, due to the fact that we ad very little time on location (only a couple of hours), we had no control over the time we shot (It needed to be a night time image but we had to shoot in the day!) and we wanted very similar light on each subject (Not really possible unless you light them all separately... which is what we did)

Below I have laid out the basic progression we went through to get the final image.

This first shot shows the four plates shot, including one for the car ( I actually shot a few more, lighting the car in different places but four pics work well in this demo)
The second image is the four shots put together. Nothing changed, just four plates merged into one.
All that has happened in this shot is the sky and the car have been changed to black... Changes it quite a bit though.
Next comes a bunch of filters to make sun lit buildings and people look moon lit.
To top it off, I added some street lights and some dogging and burning and eh presto! An album cover.
I actually had to the shop and buy one! Sheesh.