Moscow Monorail
The Moscow Monorail is a 4.7 kilometres long monorail system located in the North-Eastern Administrative Okrug of Moscow, Russia. It runs from the Timiryazevskayametro station to Sergeya Eisensteina street. The monorail line has 6 stations. Planning of the monorail in Moscow started in 1998. This was a unique project for Russian companies which did not have prior experience in building monorails. 6,335,510,000 rubles (US$240 million) were spent by the city of Moscow on the monorail construction.
On 20 November 2004, the monorail opened in an "excursion mode". On 10 January 2008, the operation mode was changed to "transportation mode" with more frequent train service. Ticket prices were reduced from 50 rubles ($2) to 19 rubles ($0.50) which was the standard fare for Moscow rapid transport at that time.