Visual identification development to Botanical Garden «Aptekarsky Ogorod»
«Aptekarsky Ogorod»  — is a historical and cultural monument in Moscow, the oldest
botanical garden of Russia which was based by Peter I in 1706. 
In the project was used a script type KAZIMIR  — the contrast static antique font which was designed in 2015 by Yury Ostromentsky and Ilya Ruderman. It has a direct allusion to the Petrovsky civil font used in Russia by Peter I in 1708. Using of this script in the project emphasizes the value of historical heritage of the Botanical garden.
The Botanical Garden was a center of domestic science where plants were used not only to prepare medicines, but also for training medical students in botany as a future Russian doctors.
The project concept basis on an image of the Victorian drugstores and labels of medicines. Connected to the typographics and a botanical illustrations they create the unique image of a Garden emphasizing a rich heritage and also identifying the Garden among others.
Principle of Construction

City format

Design of the entrance group

Navigation in Botanical Garden

Seeds pack design

Business documentation
Printed documentation for big events
Entrance ticket
The principle of using Brand Visual Identification in printed materials 
The principle of website development 
Souvenir production of the Garden 
Botanical Garden «Aptekarsky Ogorod»