Adobe Remix - Takehiro Tobinaga

Motion Graphics
Reinventing The Wheel
’Reconstruct widely received and well-known technique and object into a something similar from scratch.’ - Reinventing The Wheel.
As we rebuild the Adobe logo, I felt in the campaign of Adobe Make it, Adobe can change your inspiration things around to change the creative element.
I made it value and used it for the element for the logo,those that had been buried in a waste treatment plant.
Though all works done by CG, we used an analog technique, cut-out animation, that is to cut out each element of the illustration and to animate all elements together.
It will be given a life to the outdated things / technique. 
From the material, I was able to build up an animation work with an animator, with the process of try and error the movement of up to how and details of the entire structure, It was a great chance to see a glimpse of the various possibilities of animation.
Adobeのロゴを再構築するにあたり、Adobe Make it のキャンペーンで感じた、まわりのもの全てを自分のインスピレーションや、クリエイティブエレメントに変えるのがAdobe。
Cut-Out animation
The cut-out animation is the animation that you lapse shooting a piece of cut picture.
It started from making photographic materials and I made each part of material in  Adobe Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC. Then paste the printed parts on cardboard and cut them into the shape, afterwards ready to film them.
Next, it was the shooting of animation.  To lay out the photographic material of each element on a copy stand (workbench that can be fixed lighting and camera),  and to repeat shooting the material with little by little movement, and to edit a video in Adobe After Effects CC. This time also used sequentially arranged capable software, Dragon frame, to capture the image to the computer at the same time as the shooting, was produced in settings of one second 24 frames minute. 
作り方は、まず撮影用素材の作成です。 Adobe Illustrator CC、Photoshop CCを用いて素材となる各パーツを制作していきます。その後プリントアウトしたものを厚紙に貼り付け、切り抜くと撮影用素材の完成です。
次にアニメーションの撮影です。コピースタンド(照明とカメラを固定できる作業台)の上で各要素ごとの撮影用素材をレイアウトし、自分のイメージする動きになるように少しずつ配置を変えながら撮影を繰り返し、できた静止画をAdobe After Effects CCでつなげて動画にします。今回は撮影と同時にパソコンへの取り込みと画像の順次配列が可能なDragon frameも使用し、24コマ分を1秒とカウントする設定で制作しました。
Making photographic materials
Cutting out pieces
Film & Edit
Process reel
Adobe Remix - Takehiro Tobinaga