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    A casual social game for Facebook.
Bayou Blast
Casual Social Facebook Game
I worked on Bayou Blast during my time at GameHouse, joining the team right after the prototype was created and approved. I influenced several core aspects of the game, my favorite contributions to the game include:

- The line drawing effect animation that connects the gems. The game's mascot is a firefly, so the line aesthetic is meant to reflect that.

- Particle effects.
1. When the gems are cleared, they break apart into smaller pieces that fly toward the edge of the screen and bounce off the borders of the game area. The bigger your line, the more particles appear at higher velocities.
2. Little fireflies hovering on the edges and somewhat behind the game board. (It's a variation on Brownian motion to give them an insect-like randomness.)

- The gem falling algorithm needed to be refactored to look more natural than the prototype, so I created one that was able to fill the board faster and more organically.

- Special effects for the lightning and dynamite power-ups, giving them a satisfying chaining effect. As with the particles, the more gems cleared, the more powerful the effect becomes.

- Implemented the "Frenzy" special mode which creates huge chained combos. (Keep an eye on the "Frenes" meter at the top of the screen to see when Frenzy mode begins.)

- Changing firefly animations as the player progresses though the level. When the player is doing well, the firefly is excited. When the player scores less points, the firefly gets bored (and eventually falls asleep!)