Book Historical Illustration / Ilustração para Livro de História do Brasil
These are a sequence of 13 original black and white illustrations made for a Historical account of the origins of
a famous city in Brazil called Poços de Caldas in the state of Minas Gerais, depicting conditions around 1881
its founders and the different stages of construction of the municipality's main church.
~The intended style was to be a blend of stylized comic book art with a touch of realism.~

All major elements in the illustrations were hand drawn and inked, with added vector drawings for the buildings, rendered in Sketchbook Pro 6 and final compositing in Corel PhotoPaint X5 in 2014.
Copyrights: iDStudio / Robert Rajabally and the book's author who comissioned the artwork.
Thank you for enjoying! Your feedback is appreciated!