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    Lettering for Rambler News Service.
When I was finishing my Bachelor, I was simultaneously working on a lettering project with Leo Burnett. And combining these things was so intense, that I promised myself "Never again!" But this year, when I was graduiating from my Master Degree and working on a final project, I got a request from Rambler&Co. They were launching a News Service and asked me to design a logo. How could I say no! So after final presentation, when all my classmates went drinking, I went to sleep, to wake up at 5 a.m. next day to finish the work for the deadline :-) 
It was a big project, but we finally finished everything and now I'm happy to show some pictures from the process.

When we were just starting, there was nothing. No identity or website. Just content concept. So I had to start from analytics, trying to figure out, how other large international/national News Services look like and which direction we can go.
After dozen of e-mails with Contributing Editor, we came up with several possible directions and I started sketching. From very general drawings to more detailed, trying diffrent weight and proportions and making letters work with each other.
First sketches I did by hand, as I always do. Afterwards I moved to the RoboFont and continued there. At this point I also started to try differet composition for the letters, add color and understand how it'll work with images or in real life use, like press-wall, for example.
We agreed on proportions quite soon, but with the details there were a lot of experiments.
Further work was about a general shape. We decided to put it in the square to look more solid and outstand from the pictures and texts. A lot of experiments with tints for the red :-)
To my surprise, the stencil version became a leader. Had fun with tuning the place for the cuts!
Here's the final logo. It has a full-size version. And a version for small sizes, less detailed.
After we finished the work, couple of months passed, when Rambler returned with a comission to do a short version. RNS instead of Russian News Service. Will a type designer just put three letters toghether and feel happy? Of course not! There's always place for a little tuning. Correcting the spacing and width of the letters, to make them look better together. Logo is not a typeface, right? You need to perfect one exact combination to the end!