Rosalia Galeano
Francesca Padovan
Paola Papetti
FEBO is a wooden paintbrush that lets you leave traces by focusing sun rays on different natural materials (wood, cardboard, cork, leather). Through the use of clean energy this analog engraver makes possible to draw and customize your belongings. 
The name Phoebus (Phoibos, literally "bright") was very commonly used by both the Greeks and Romans in Apollo's role as the god of light.
It was designed for MUSTshop - the concept store of the Science and Technology Museum of Milan - during the course Innovation Studio at Politecnico di Milano. Then, in collaboration with Atellani, FEBO was launched on Kickstarter ending with a successful crowdfunding campaign.

FEBO è un pennello che permette di lasciare delle tracce focalizzando i raggi del sole su diversi materiali naturali (legno, cartone, sughero, pelle). Attraverso l'uso di energia pulita questo strumento di incisione permette di disegnare e personalizzare diversi oggetti. Il nome Febo (Phoibos, cioè "splendente") fu comunemente usato da Greci e Romani come epiteto greco del dio del sole Apollo.
È stato progettato per MUSTshop - il concept store del Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci - durante il corso di Innovation Studio al Politecnico di Milano. Successivamente, in collaborazione con Atellani, è stato lanciato su Kickstarter, concludendosi in una campagna crowdfunding di successo.
The product is mainly composed by a wooden body and a lens. A top ring has the function of blocking the lens and giving an aesthetic value to the object. Each FEBO comes with a pair of rollable lenses that provides 100% UV protection with only 6% to 8% visible light transmission. A set of stencils guide the user during the first realisations. As you can see from the exploded view the presence of a safety filter obstructs the sun's rays, avoiding the accidental functioning of FEBO when the product is not in use.
After choosing the item to customize, you need always to keep the sun behind your back and tilt the surface perpendicularly to it. Once you have removed the safety filter, the lens absorbs the sun's rays precisely onto the selected material. Thanks to the design you are able to keep track and see clearly your drawing. The density of the stroke depends on the weather, every cloud will produce a different kind of trace, with different thickness and intensity making it unique.
This video on Vimeo clearly show the process.
FEBO in action!
Engraved customizations on different items
Illustration on a cutting board.
Engraved letters on a cork surface.
Decoration on a jewel case.
Engraved initials on natural leather.
"Home Sweet Home" decoration on wood.
FEBO was launched on July 2015, in collaboration with Atellani, on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform. The initial goal was set at $8,000, but the project has been successfully funded reaching $81,406 and passing the goal by over 1000%.
Below there's a timeline showing the entire process done together with Atellani, including the pre and post campaign.

Here the link to the campaign: FEBO on Kickstarter.
FEBO is designed and manufactured in Italy. Every product is CNC machined from a single piece of solid European walnut and hand finished without the use of chemicals. A convex magnifying lens, made of durable polished glass, is the operational core of Febo.
Every single one has been carefully tested before assembling.
Below you can see two examples of realisations made with FEBO. The first one is a series of illustrations called Skull Series that I made looking back to the previous digital project Anatomia. You can see more works on PDVN and francescapadovan.tumblr.
The second realisation was the result of a collaboration with WAFER, a team of italian artisans and designers who realize high quality skateboards. I've used FEBO to create an engraved illustration on this bamboo skateboard adding the unique value to have been made with the sun.
FEBO has been exhibited at:

Merging - In Flux

12th - 16th February 2014
 Science and Technology Museum
via Olona, 6 - Milan

Merging - In Flux 
Milano Design Week 2014
8th -13th April 2014
Fabbrica del Vapore - Milan

Month of Ljubljana 2015 
20 October - 20 November
City of Design Slovenia


FEBO is a wooden paintbrush that lets you leave traces by focusing sun rays on different materials.