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    Gr5 is new mobile from Huawei has a rear finger print feature and need to target teenagers audience whoem likes soccer and music.
Target Audience
Geographic : All Egypt govern orates (Urban and Rural)
                      Urban: a phone they seek
                      Rural: inspiring phone they look up to
Demographics: Males and Females Youth, undergrads, but not at premium universities (avoid conflict with G8) B- & C+
Behavioral: They use the phone on daily basis, connected to the Social networks, are aware with the phones technology so they look up to have a phone with Finger print Value for money seekers, and money savers, use Arabic more for communication and they understand it the best for using and buying phones
Psycho graphics: Personality, outgoing teenagers, Always want to belong to higher or bigger social group Lifestyle: not seeking premium places, but walks and some middle and low class locations, music and football are their main entertainment stream.