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    Works made during my year (2004-2005) working at COMSA.
This are some pieces of promotion articles I did a few years ago when I was working at COMSA. COMSA stans for Comercial Sanitaria S. A., it's a company that provides articles, services and consulting in all things related to sanitary products, from mops and sweepers to UV floor coating machines, air duct cleaners and efficient bathroom installations.
This was a bit of a challenge, because the whole administration of the company was based on one person (the owner, who would have guessed?), who had to approve almost everything based not on some strategy, but on his personal taste and mood (which changed from time to time). So, to summarize, I have selected the pieces that I think were the ones that impacted most based on their purpose and overall design, and which made a relevant change to the dinamycs of the sale process and the perception of the company.
This piece was designed for print. In the end it was used only internally for some reports and POP due to the lack of will to "spend" money in adevertising.
This was one of the first pieces put together under some kind of marketing strategy. Used to promote an offer in which a gift would be awarded to the clients based on their total purchase. Said gift started with things like a brush or some sponge set and went up with the value of the purchase.
Another piece for the same strategy. This one allowed the customers to refill the bottles of cleaning products bought during the period in which this was valid for a reduced price, saving money and reducing waste.
POP dislay placed atop the counter explaining how the promos worked.
Cover of the christmas party invitation for all the employess.
Letter opener given away at a Trade Show Fair.
Block of notes used for both giveaways and internal usage. It was widely used among the sales agents for its practicality, so many were made that I still saw some of them in late 2008 been used by the same sales team.
Common pen made to be given away at Trade Fairs and to be used by sales agents.
Special pen made for large clients and managers.