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    Competition entry for Aviva with the aim to raise awareness of the growing importance for young people to save money for the future.
Aviva Young Savers Ad Campaign 
How do you encourage young people (18-25) to think about saving money for the future?
A lot of important information that I researched was not easily accessible so I created an informative and quirky campaign with helpful and thought provoking messages based on these facts. The vehicle for this visual language was retro 8-bit games and it was used to develop the tag-line, Play The Long Game.

The main theme I wanted to communicate was the issue of increasing life expectancies in the UK and basic pensions therefore not providing enough savings - as people live longer, they need more money to live off after retirement. Aviva can help but you have to play your part sooner than you might think. I also designed an infographic for in-branch displays and online marketing, which helps explain the current issue in a playful but methodical way.