Ned Chen - Personal Portfolio 2013-2015
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陳品丞個人作品集 2013 - 2015
Ned Chen - Personal Portfolio 2013 - 2015

CategoryPortfolio ( CV, Reflections, Design Works Collection 2013-15 )
Size25(H)x 18(W)cm
Designer陳品丞 Chen Ping-Chen

- 節錄自隨筆內文 (1/12)


"I first learned about “Design” when I was admitted to the Department of Visual Communication Design at the Asia University (Taiwan) in April 2010. Two years later in 2013, I started working for some design projects until I graduated from the university in 2014. A strong desire, urging me to prepare this collection book to wrap up the current phase of my life, has come up towards the end of my military service this year. I see this book as a milestone of my past, and a starting point of my future. I recorded my honest thoughts, my viewpoints and my feelings about the past, the present and the future in this collection book."​​​​​​​
- Extract from "Reflections" (1/12)

- 節錄自隨筆內文 (2/12)


"My interests and preferences change from time to time. However, my love of the songs “Unable to escape” by the Chinese rock & roll band “The Compass”, and “Boat man” by “Inhuman Band”, has not changed since I first listened to them few years ago. I love dark humor movies, such as “God Bless America”, “Fight Club”, and “In Bruges”. I play games. I enjoy singing while driving a car. I like sharing my thoughts with people, from relationship problems to philosophy of life. Having conversations with people is actually my greatest source of creativity and spiritual support. To me, talking to people is more important than sleeping. Its importance is just second to meeting a project deadline."

"I dislike tiles and shiny ornaments, anything classified as “exquisite”, like having an afternoon tea in a palace-like restaurant, or buying expensive chic handbags. These things suffocate me and they don’t symbolize anything in humanity. I like things in their primitive state. If I had a choice, I would rather choose to sit on a tree stump than a designer ergonomic chair. I am particularly attracted to traces left from creation processes, like holes punched by staples, irregular tapes on paper, messy memos and scribbles, etc. I even find this undefined and irregular situation more charming than the final piece of work."​​​​​​​
- Extract from "Reflections" (2/12)

「但並不是單純玩樂就能得到改變,我在爬山、聽音樂、看電影時雖然放鬆、卻不是『無意識』的。爬山時我會觀察大自然的樣子,他們的形狀、氣味與色彩,試著了解為什麼人類能在大自然裡能找到平靜的狀態 ; 在我聽音樂時,我會試著進入那首歌曲裡面、閉上眼睛放任自己想像任何可能對應的畫面 ; 看電影時也會觀察他敘事的方法或對白的玄機,例如我很喜歡『荒野生存』、『青春倒退嚕』那樣能帶來咀嚼與辯論空間的電影。這些自然而然引發出來的思考並不是有負擔的,我反而認為正是因為我去思考了、這些玩樂才變得如此有趣。」
- 節錄自隨筆內文 (6,7/12)


"I am a designer but design isn’t everything in my life. Designing a beautiful poster doesn’t let me release stress; instead, I play games, sleep or hang out with friends. Sometimes, my creativity excels when I am not working on a design. A lot of emotions and ideas spring up while having fun, never when working hard. This struggle between my work life and my private life makes me understand myself more and more. Perhaps I am yet to find a way to merge the two lives or find a balance between them, I do feel that I have become more true to myself and my head is clearer. "

"But having fun doesn’t make changes. Although I feel relaxed while climbing a mountain, my mind is conscious of forms, shapes, scents and colors found in nature. As for music, I drown myself into lyrics while listening, closing my eyes trying to imagine any corresponding imagery. I carefully observe narrative techniques and timing of each dialogue during a movie. Films like “Into the Wild” or “While We’re Young” that provide rooms of thinking and discussion are my favorites. Indulged in reflection engendered naturally is never a burden; in fact, it makes my life fun and enjoyable because I put thoughts into it."​​​​​​​
- Extract from "Reflections" (6,7/12)


- 節錄自隨筆內文 (8,9/12)


"We now live in a digital era. The enormous database collected everyday can calculate and predict how people react to certain colors, certain typefaces, or the best-selling location on a store shelf. Decisions are made based on data analysis. However, if we go back to the basics a good design must include sensitivity, as human emotions are complicated and capricious, too difficult to be explained through science or accurately arranged by nature."

"Just like a singing performance. People remember not a carefully arranged and precisely presented song, but a performance with slight imperfections yet full of passion. “Purity” is very important and it cannot be found in data analysis. "

"Design is open for everyone to judge. Many difficult clients I met before were not convinced by design rules and procedures. What convinced them was the sentiments created through, but pure visual effect. As a young designer, I also fall into the trap of design rules. How can we balance out rational graphic rules with our natural feeling? This topic is definitely worth thinking."​​​​​​​
- Extract from "Reflections" (8,9/12)




- 節錄自隨筆內文 (10,11/12)


"As mentioned before, “choosing an appropriate medium”, “setting aside the SOP”, “playing hard” and “maintaining a pure heart” aren’t only the ideal criteria in making good designs, but also for every sector and for everyone. Our personality, value and psychological condition affect our behaviors and thoughts, which are also reflected in our creations."

"Therefore, I have come to understand this important lesson - if I want to make a good design, I need to get myself right."

"A saying goes like this: “Intelligence is your talent, kindness is your choice”. My friend once told me that “kindness is always the best choice”. I was very touched upon hearing it. We make decisions every day and after I have learned to put kindness in priority, I began to discover a wider and bigger world. Although I haven’t perfected this, I do know I have gradually gained a deeper understanding of myself."

"Nevertheless, our society generally values people based on their ability. I agree that we need to compete with each other by our abilities under certain circumstances, but under others, this isn’t the case."

"Our so-called “ability” is a mix of a little bit of innate talent and a great deal of later efforts. What we work hard to obtain isn’t at all significant when it comes to interpersonal relationships. We don’t become best friends with someone who can draw well, who can earn a lot of money or who can cook well. That said, we do feel happy with friends who are genuine and kind."​​​​​​​
- Extract from "Reflections" (10,11/12)

Ned Chen - Personal Portfolio 2013-2015

Ned Chen - Personal Portfolio 2013-2015

Ned Chen - Personal Portfolio 2013-2015(陳品丞個人作品集 2013-2015)


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