MPD Glass & Vinyl Graphics
a showcase of some of our works
It seems as though whenever a customer comes into our showroom, I can show them a hundred pictures of our work & I often get the same response... " Is that all the pictures you have ?" It seems that people tend to always want to see more
So I thought, i could showcase a few of my favorite jobs from over the last little while.
3 piece Carved divider on 10mm clear tempered glass
Multistage sandblasted divider. I drew this by hand & sandblasted the old fashioned way... One stage at a time
I created this image from a very old photograph of Louis Riel & had the image printed onto a decorative translucent film for the societe franco manitobaine. We had Jade signs do the printing
one of our many decorative film patterns
this 3 piece divider utilizes 2 different decorative films, I also incorporated the customers initials into the piece.
I helped sandblast for Artist Laura Magnusson with her sculpture featured at the University of Manitoba. It was a multi-staged sandblasted piece using gradients & multiple etching techniques