After naming my business, I needed a logo!

I wanted something simple, clean, and professional not stodgy. Something flexible for a variety of applications, sizes, and substrates with energy, life, and purposeful imagery. I also needed color flexibility - the logo to work well as a one color design, a reversed design, and (if possible) a flexible color scheme.

I'm really very thrilled about the outcome, especially the simplicity, the energy in the burst, and the color flexibility. I get to use whichever color scheme I deem most appropriate for the situation! Yay! I love not having to choose a set color scheme for all-time.

See below for imagery of my process from (poorly-drawn) sketches and brainstorming in Illustrator.
 The final Greer Genius logo, in a variety of colors.
 Social media icons.
 The entire Illustrator artboard of brainstorming.
 A close-up of the Greer Genius burst logos that didn't make the cut.
The Greer Genius runner-up. I really liked the brain from the onset, but scaling is an issue. Too small and all the lines either 1) Disappear if they're too thin or 2) Bleed together if they're too thick.
 The fonts I didn't use.
 Interesting, but overall I think the burst is a stronger mark. It has potential for a future use, though....I'm definitely keeping the lightning in my vector images.
The doodles.
 Last but not least, my (very embarrassingly poor) sketches prior to working in Illustrator.