Holler 2.0 iPhone App
Holler 2.0 was a project I took on myself to better the experience of the original Holler which was just a testing platform we founded to see if people were interested in spontaneous activities with people nearby. Unfortunately, we never got to truly test the idea and had to end there. Holler was on it's way to try and create this unique experience for all of our boredoms. How many times do you sit and at your desk and think things like "man, wish I had someone to play basketball with here in a bit" or "it sure would be nice to go grab some coffee with someone right now." No matter the activity, Holler was trying to make it easier for you to either find that activity to do or we were trying to help you find someone to do something with.

Check out some of the screens below for a glimpse into Holler 2.0

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