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    These are some sites I designed and assembled in HTML and WordPress.
360 degree interactive panorama for AUX magazine - a regular series
Algoma International Film Assocaition - Wordpress - Initial design & set up
FogQuest : Sustainable Water Solutions - WordPress.  Design, set up, and maintenance with shopping carts(s) & interactive forms.
Goodmedia Inc. - concept designs.  Currently using WordPress.
Patricia Langer HTML site - currently using WordPress.
Splash page for my course management site - WordPress.
Course page - weekly topics, file resources and related links.
Patti Gilford Fine Arts - HTML site.  Currently active.
Sheridan course portfolio page - HTML & CSS.  Currently a WordPress site.
Sheridan course portfolio site - WordPress.  Currently online.
Blue Mountain Tour of the Arts - HTML & CSS.  Currently a WordPress site.
triangle post - HTML & CSS.  Full virtual tour with 360 degree panoramic images and video clips.  Currently a WordPress site.
My own site featuring 360 degree virtual tours and video clips.  Wordpress.
my older HTML & CSS site featuring a 360 degree panoramic tour gallery.  Replaced by WordPress to allow responsive design.
Nepal Community Development Foundation - HTML & CSS.  Also featured JQuery photo galleries and interactive forms. Currently a WordPress site.
York Quay Neighbourhood Association - WordPress.  Initial design & set up.
Change Islands Centre for Arts & Traditional Culture - HTML & CSS.  Currently active.