Urban gardening app for Click & Grow
+   What is Click and Grow?
Click & Grow is an easy-to-use electronic smartpot that grows plants without watering and fertilizing. You don’t have to have any knowledge about gardening, instead everything will be taken care by the smart technology. Click & Grow measures all the necessary parameters and doses an exact amount of water, fertilizer and air, according to the plant’s needs.
 Our mission

Our design team faced an interesting challenge: create an app that we’d like to use for taking care of our plants, while keeping in mind the core purpose, the physical product limitations and the 2.0 extended functionality version. Our mission was to develop a mobile app which would serve as a content rich tool to help people take care of their plants more efficiently. Newer planting pots feature touch sensors, humidity and light controls with statistics. 
+   User Experience research & strategy
You can’t create excellent user centered design without thorough market research. Determining user needs and laying out objectives for a solid foundation is the key to a successful project. Considering the usage patterns established by current Click & Grow garden owners, we started writing user tasks and planning out first customer journeys. Motto: keep it simple, keep it clean.
+   Wireframes and Prototype testing
First things first - after establishing main user scenarios, we continued with rapid wireframing. User-testing started early as wireframe level usually gives significant information about the flow of the structure - mostly referring to sore spots in the design.
+   UI Design
"Keep it simple, keep it clean" motto was applied throughout the design phase, including interface design. By using Click & Grow’s green and pastelle blue we have achieved a nice harmony for the main and secondary actions. Card layouts were used in several screens throughout the app to enhance the content. We didn’t just make the UX/UI and motion design for the apps, we also created the web-based client admin panel for setting up push-notifications, for adding new products and scheduling promotions.
×   Color palette
×   Iconography
×   App Icon
After working side by side with Click and Grow’s marketing team, our design and development teams have created a product that will make the lives of Click & Grow smartpot owners even more enjoyable. Our innovative and stylish application offers a good range of features for taking better care of your personal herb garden. Now you can find an abundance of tips on how to set up and take care of your herbs, keep them fresh and beautiful as well as read latest news, updates and get best deals from C&G.
Information about your beautiful plant just a touch away
Receive relevant tips and tricks to get the maximum support for your herbs
Keeping track of your plant’s lifecycle and water level has never been easier
Add all your plants by scanning the QR code on the product or by adding them manually
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Urban gardening app for Click & Grow

Urban gardening app for Click & Grow

Our UX/UI team faced an interesting challenge to create a mobile app that will make the lives of Click & Grow herb garden owners even more enjoya Read More