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    Little creatures that will bring you luck.
The Lucky Bastards find there being in superstition and character, the character being the way the Bastard will bring you your luck. Six characters where designed, all characters are made of fabric and fit in the 4 cm high jar.
 The labels explain the Bastard's specific character trades, and give you tips on 'how to use them'.
They where made in a small fair-trade workshop in Romania.

The website grants you a virtual tour to their house. Each Lucky Bastard has its own room, furnished according to its personal taste. You can scroll through the rooms, to check out the details.
Several magazines noticed The Lucky Bastards and wrote about them.

The different characters are:
Superman: Multi-tasking is what he does best, and with his superpowers he can smash trough almost anything.
Lovebirds: Well, it's kind of obvious what they are for.
Oegaboega: the Bastard that taps into your primordial powers... He will help you out with your personal development.
Stinker; he just loves success. He will help you out in any job-related situation. In this case, you should sniff the jar twice a day to forward your career.
Sicko: If you have any trouble with your health, he can help you out.

And then, last but not least, Superfreak.
He will give you all the energy you'll need.

You can order the bastards through our webshop at theluckybastard.com

Made in collaboration with Clien Wintzen.