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    My Contribution to Exquisite Collective "Exquisite Collective started off as a platform to enable the exchange and interaction between artists, … Read More
    My Contribution to Exquisite Collective "Exquisite Collective started off as a platform to enable the exchange and interaction between artists, designers, photographers and creatives from all over the world. We are interested in knowing what they are up to and giving exposure to their work. Our first open call was released in September 2011. Please, find further details in the following lines: Since people from all over the world have been called, it would be really interesting to have them illustrate something that represent their nationality. Please, take into account that flags and other typical symbols will not be accepted. We are trying to encourage participants to reflect their relationship with their motherland from an everyday perspective. Inspiration can be taken from films, stories, literature, paintings, etc. - Technique: free (illustration, collage, photography, type & lettering, 3D art, etc) - Format: 30 x 30 cm, JPG 300dpi images or .AI - Participant's information: full name, nationality, e-mail. - Submission deadline: a week (after receiving the image that's coming before yours). Firstly, the project is going to be published online in Behance and social media, and according to the volume of illustrations we receive, there also exists the possibility of setting up an exhibition in an art gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina; in addition, then make a printed edition recording the whole project and giving further information about the participants." Read Less
"Splash" | My contribution for Exquisite Collective
"Among Surrealist techniques exploiting the mystique of accident was a kind of collective collage of words or images called the cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse). Based on an old parlor game, it was played by several people, each of whom would write a phrase on a sheet of paper, fold the paper to conceal part of it, and pass it on to the next player for his contribution.

The technique got its name from results obtained in initial playing, "Le cadavre / exquis / boira / le vin / nouveau" (The exquisite corpse will drink the young wine). Other examples are: "The dormitory of friable little girls puts the odious box right" and "The Senegal oyster will eat the tricolor bread." These poetic fragments were felt to reveal what Nicolas Calas characterized as the "unconscious reality in the personality of the group" resulting from a process of what Ernst called "mental contagion."

At the same time, they represented the transposition of Lautréamont's classic verbal collage to a collective level, in effect fulfilling his injunction-- frequently cited in Surrealist texts--that "poetry must be made by all and not by one." It was natural that such oracular truths should be similarly sought through images, and the game was immediately adapted to drawing, producing a series of hybrids the first reproductions of which are to be found in No. 9-10 of La Révolution surrealiste (October, 1927) without identification of their creators. The game was adapted to the possibilities of drawing, and even collage, by assigning a section of a body to each player, though the Surrealist principle of metaphoric displacement led to images that only vaguely resembled the human form"

Source: "Dada & Surrealist Art," by William S. Rubin. 
1st SPLASH by Ayane
2nd by Max Binski
3th TORMENTA by João R. Saúde
Exquisite Collective by Helou Studio