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    Compilation of Best Projects
This project was a part of my internship in Cardiac Design Labs Pvt ltd in Bangalore, India
After an extensive research and interaction with doctors and hospitals, the need was identified. All the scenarios were thoroughly investigated.
Design concepts were created keeping in mind the different configurations wearability. Simultaneusly, the user interface design was done for the main bed side monitor.
Mockups and circuit assembly was done for the Alpha prototype. It was taken for testing in various scenarios and hospitals. Refinement followed.
This design project was a part of Innovative System Design, which required us to analyse a huge system , map its concerns and painpoints, and come up with a plausible solution. It was carried out with the Johns Hopkins Centre for Bioengineering and Innovation Design.
Exhaustive clinical immersion was carried out into the rural areas of India to understand the maternal health care scenario. We visited many hospitals and primary health centres to interact with the healthcare workers and their state of affairs.
The complete system was analysed, chalked out and a System Model was created in order to realized the best possible opportunity to intervene in terms of providing solutions. I took up Maternal Anaemia as the critical issue to solve and after much research created a design brief.
Mockup models and 3D renders for further understand the product specifications. Final model was taken for testing purposes. 
Thesis Project at Honeywell Technologies Pvt Ltd.  
Secondary Research and visitng the Kochi Refinery, proved to be quite beneficial to understand the working of Gas detectors and disaster mitigation in the control room. The detailed Research and Development process has been mentioned.  
Product brief and Specifications were created according to the technical feasibilty and usage. Concepting stage followed.
Product CAD drawings and 3D Renders. 
Mockups were made and tested. Product Assembly and final model was created using 3D printer. Furthermore, user testing was done to realize the new system of working. 
Form Studies. This was a live project from Exide Industries which required us to design the form for its latest line of Inverters. The theme was Organic.
Form Studies. Designing a simple product based on an element of nature. 
Samsung Projects that got Commercialized.